We operate the largest commercial shellfish hatchery in the Maritimes, serving clients from Quebec to Newfoundland (and everywhere in between). In operation since 2009, we are proud to offer a high-quality product and a reliable supply. 

In addition to our commercial shellfish production we are actively engaged in R&D work to better understand wild oyster populations and the effects of the environment on juvenile oysters. Visit the blog for the latest examples! 

We offer a range of sizes to satisfy different production models.

Here is our 2020 price list:

Screen Size Oyster Length Use Price/1000
T1.5 2-3 mm nursery $15
T6 9-12 mm 4mm bags $25
T10 12-18 mm 6mm bags $30
T12 18-25 mm 9mm bags $35
T15 25-35mm 9mm bags $40

Please contact our seed production team at info@malletoyster.com to discuss your needs and seed availability.

February 2020 Update: Our order sheet is rapidly filling up! Thanks to all of our clients who have already placed orders, we still have some availability in the following categories.

4mm bag size (Summer 2020)

6mm and 9mm bag sizes (Fall 2020)