We operate the largest commercial shellfish hatchery in the Maritimes, serving clients from Quebec to Newfoundland (and everywhere in between). In operation since 2009, we are proud to offer a high-quality product and a reliable supply. 

In addition to our commercial shellfish production we are actively engaged in R&D work to better understand wild oyster populations and the effects of the environment on juvenile oysters. Visit the blog for the latest examples! 

We offer a range of sizes to satisfy different production models.

Here is our 2022 price list:

Screen Size Oyster Length Use Price/1000
T1.5 2-3 mm nursery $15
T6 9-12 mm 4mm bags $25
T10 12-18 mm 6mm bags $30
T12 18-25 mm 9mm bags $35
T15 25-35mm 9mm bags $40

Please contact our seed production team at info@malletoyster.com to discuss your needs and seed availability.

2022 Season Update: We are now starting to take seed orders, get in touch soon!